jueves, 8 de abril de 2010

Collaborative and Dialogic Practices in Therapy and Social Change

The Taos Institute

April 22-24, 2010 Cancun, Mexico

Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to join us in Cancun, April 22-24, 2010 for the conference:

Honoring the Past and Creating the Future

We will gather to explore innovative practices for therapy and social change, both past and present, honoring those whose legacy has inspired us. (Tom Andersen, Gianfranco Cecchin, Harry Goolishian, Insoo Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer, Michael White, and Paul Watzlawick). We wish to explore the polyphony of new practices that have emerged from the creative seeds of these legacies. This conference will bring together our systemic, narrative and relational roots, showcase the growth and innovations that have evolved from those roots, and join us together in creating a social constructionist future in therapy and social change.We are excited to offer this bi-lingual conference with sessions in both English and Spanish. We invite you to participate with us as we continue the dialogues.......

Conference Program
Keynote and Plenary Presentations

Harlene Anderson, Sylvia London and Sue Levin
Kenneth Gergen, Dora Schnitmann and Edgardo Morales
Sheila McNamee, John Winslade and Marilene Grandesso
Karl Tomm, Sally St. George and Dan Wulff
Mary Gergen, Ken Gergen, Rocio Chaveste Gutierrez and Irma Rodriguez

- We invite anyone attending the conference to propose a poster session. Students are encouraged to present their current research and practitioners are encouraged to share their innovative practices and research.

John Winslade and Lorraine Hedtke - Honoring the conceptual legacy of Michael White: A Narrative Therapy Gameshow

Sylvia London and Marifer Benabib, Maria del Carmen Vadillo, Lourdes Canto - La escuela como foro de construcción social, The school as social-constructionist arena; Collaborative and SC Ideas in Schools and Education

Tom Strong with Ines Sameband - Resourceful Misunderstandings
Arlene Katz, Shi-Jiuan Wu, Sheila McNamee, Celiane Camargo-Borges - Boundary crossings: places and faces of therapy in different cultural contexts

Mary Gergen, Beatriz Elba Schmukler, Cristina Ravazzola - Reflexive, dialogical and interactive practices for the prevention and healing of family violence
Stephen Madigan - Narrative Therapy Through Time

Dora Schnitmann - Generative perspectives in the management of social conflicts
Celiane Camargo-Borges, Emerson Rasera, Sheila McNamee - Social construction in Brazil: therapy and social change

Irma Rodriguez-Jazcilevich and Maria Carolina Nensthiel - Women in Dialogue, women as listeners: Collaborative Work with Communities

Nelson Molina-Valencia - Intervención Apreciativa y Generativa en Contextos de Conflicto Político Armado. Un caso terapéutico colombiano., Appreciative and Generative Intervention in a case of a political and armed conflict: A therapeutic case in Colombia

Rocio Chaveste and Susan Swim - The Past and the Present Together in Conversational Communities

Elena Fernandez, Vanessa Manassero Baeza, Nora Rentería - An invitation to write expressively within a collaborative and narrative perspective.Una invitación para escribir expresivamente dentro de un contexto colaborativo y narrativo

Aurora Ramos - The words we share form and transform: work with people suffering from HIV/AIDS

Sylvia London, Ana Escalante, Clara Rubinstein, Matilde Güemez, Nina Magni, Ariela Shubich, Nurit Mileris, Karen Cain, Ma. Fernanda Benabib - Multiple Voices in a Supervision Process
Salvador Lemis Perez Franco - Práctica teatral y práctica colaborativa en diálogo/ Collaborative practice and theatrical practice in dialogue

Maria Luisa Molina Lopez - Sé y no sé: Cuestionamientos y dilemas sobre Metodología de la Investigación en el Contexto Postmoderno; To Know and Not to Know Questions and Dilemmas on Teaching Research Methods in a Postmodern Context

Edgardo Morales, Solymar Solis, Amy Hernandez-Peraza, Paloma Torres Dávila - A Polyphony of Voices: Co-constructing a relational constructionist approach to psychotherapy and clinical supervision in a Spanish speaking culture

Ana Escalante, Nina Magni, Beatriz Escalante - Finding your Unique Voice in your Unique Mind: working with families with Children with Learning Differences

Sergio Andrés Moreno Cabrera - Invitaciones a conversar con las masculinidades/ Invitations to have a conversation with the masculinities
Margarita Tarragona - Positive Psychology and Social-Constructionist Practices: Strange Bedfellows or Dynamic Duo?

Anne Morrison, Kristen Chorba - Learning to Listen: Reflecting Processes in a Peer Mentoring Project

Susan Lord - Meditative Dialogue: Cultivating Collaborative Sacred Space in Psychotherapy

Pam Dunne - Narradrama: Action Techniques with Drama, Narrative and the Creative Arts

Marilene Grandesso and Marcia Volponi - COMMUNITY THERAPY: A critical postmodern approach

Irmgard Elizabeth von Wobeser, Francisco Vadillo - Trabajo Comunitario en la Península de Yucatán/ Community work in the Yucatan peninsula

Jeff Chang - School-based mental health delivery: Concentric collaborative conversations

Murilo Moscheta, Celiane Camargo-Borges, Laura Vilela e Souza - Dialogical resources in the health-care context

Sallyann Roth - Confrontation to Connection: Facilitating Dialogue in Fragmented Families, Communities and Workplaces

Jerry Gale - Discursive analysis for practitioners

Ruth Neustifter - Using Strengths-Based Interviewing to Focus on Healing
Conference Partners

Sponsored by:
The Taos Institute
Houston Galveston Institute
Grupo Campos Eliseos
Kanankil Institute

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